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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Clients


Chem-Dry offers a number of clients a commercial cleaning solution to fit into their corporate structure. In many cases, these are retail or office environments with outlets across Australia.
With our "one-stop-shop" call centre centrally distributing the work, our clients biggest benefit is that they have just one phone number for the entire country.
Not sure how to plan your national cleaning schedule? Chem-Dry can help there too. Our account management team will work with you to determine a cleaning schedule that fits within your budget, but maximises it to benefit all of your locations.
Examples of Commercial Clients
•National store chains
•Video rental outlets
•Shoe stores
•Clothing stores
•Apartment buildings
•Churches & houses of worship
•Office complexes
•University Campuses

Not Just Carpet
For many of our clients our mandate has gone beyond the carpet cleaning. We can offer resilient surface cleaning such as lino, tile and wood making it truly a one-stop-shop.
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