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Calling All Companies

Calling All Companies


Calling all insurance companies, retailers, real estate offices, property owners, hoteliers, restaurant owners; in fact no matter what your business, or where you are within Australia, Chem-Dry have the answer for your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.
Multi-site operators and regular customers, we offer integrated support plans, programmed maintenance, unlimited technical advice. Our service may be casual; we can agree one annual fee or monthly billing at a predetermined price. The choice is yours!

Chem-Dry's superior unique carbonated cleaning process has been recommended by some of the world's largest carpet fibre manufacturers for use on all types of carpeting from wool to synthetic, including the latest stain resistant varieties. The Chem-Dry professionally managed corporate service is designed to enhance your image, extend your carpet and upholstery life and save you money.

Just try our corporate service and test our pricing. You will be pleasantly surprised. Sometimes it happens the best is not as expensive as you might think!

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